9 Forever True Tips For Building Muscle

Men have been weightlifting and muscle training since ancient times. Throughout the years, many different ways to boost muscle mass have been found but a few exercises and tips have been constant throughout the centuries:

9. Use The Big Four Exercises

Gym trainers suggest using the big four exercises as core exercises to help build muscle. The big four include squats, deadlift, bench press and shoulder press with the other muscle building exercises working as assistance to these core exercises.

8. Maintain A Training Log

When you are training or exercising, it’s always good to make sure you have a goal you are working towards. Maintaining a log is easy with writing down the details of each exercises and increasing them over time to keep pushing yourself further.

7. Don’t Overdo Your Workout

You don’t have to spend half your day in the gym to get ripped. All you have to do is make sure you do your exercises properly and not half-ass it. Take advantage of hormonal surges which can improve muscle gain and weight loss but make sure not to overdo it because this can reduce your muscle gain results. You can also take Dekka Legal Mass Builder which helps boost hormones to further improve your muscle gain without any disadvantages.

6. Do 5 Sets At Most

It’s been found the most of us drop our form when we go over 5 sets of any exercise. This is why it’s suggested that you should at most do 5 sets. This is to make sure you push yourself to the brink without compromising your performance and form.

5. Add Weights Gradually

Start off with weights that you can actually manage to lift. Many men who bring their egos to the gym can be seen overdoing the weights when they don’t have to capacity for them. This leads to injury and not gaining any strength. Start off with 10% less than your current max weight for the rep range. Then increase this weight every session to have consistent gains in muscle mass. To push yourself further with your training, you can use muscle building supplements like Dekka Legal Mass Builder and Cut and Ripped Plus to get ripped faster with the same amount of hard work.

4. Short Sprints Up The Hill

Cardio is great to get lean and fit but long bouts of cardio can cause muscle tissue to breakdown. To get lean while reducing muscle breakdown, consider short sprints on a moderately steep hill. Start off will half the number of sprints you can do and increase the number every day until you hit your limit. Just sprint up, walk back down, rest and repeat.

3. Balanced Training Is Key

A balanced exercise schedule is very important to your workout future because muscle imbalance can increase the chance of injury as well as looking weird, just take a look online for pics with guys that skipped leg day and ended up being top heavy with skinny legs. You can do multiple muscles everyday or throughout the week, so long as you make sure your training is balanced. Consult your gym trainer for more detailed workouts.

2. Take HGH Supplements

HGH Supplements

While training at the gym is important, your diet is just as important. But unfortunately, our daily diet doesn’t provide us with the proteins and nutrients we need to maximize your workout efforts. This is why it’s always suggested to try incorporating HGH supplements into your workouts for better performance. Dekka Legal Mass Builder and # are great muscle gain supplements while Cut and Ripped Plus is designed to help get you ripped. You can also find supplements like Hydrox Slim that work towards helping you burn that excess fat and convert it to muscle mass.

1. Form Is Everything

While you may think that your performance with the big four is good, there is always room for improvement in the form. When you have the right form, you can get the most out of the particular exercise. Here are some pointers on the big four:

Squat: To get the most out of your squats, start by pushing your hips back and keeping your lower back arched. You should feel your hamstrings stretching at this point. Then start bending your knees and start going low slowly. Make sure that you do this without using momentum to ensure maximum workout.

Deadlift: Start off with the same stance as if you were about to jump with your legs being narrowly placed. Bend down to grab the bar while keeping your back straight and hips down with the shoulders in line with your knees.

Bench Press: For the bench press, make sure that your head is off your bench with your feet placed steadily on the ground. When you grab the bar, be sure to pull your body off the bench when you push forward. The range of motion for heavier sets should be shorter when compared to lighter weights.

Shoulder Press: When performing the perfect shoulder press, the lats should be flared when the bar is at your shoulder level to maximize weight.


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