6 Almost Useless Exercises And Training Machines

Fitness experts are quick to point out that there are very few exercises that are completely useless across the board, but here are the ones they deem less worthy of your valuable time.

Science and technology has progressed far when it comes to exercise machines but with the convenience and ease of use comes some drawbacks. Along with exercise machines that cause more harm than help, there are also some exercises that may lead to slow training progress and even injury. Here are a few examples

1. Curls

Curls are great if you already have the solid muscles built-up and are only looking to put the icing on the cake. But if you are just starting off, you are better off doing pull-ups, pull-downs and chin-ups. These exercises exercise multiple joints allowing you to endure more weight and stress, speeding up muscle gain.

2. Abductor/Adductor Machine

The Abductor/adductor machine was designed for working on your inner and outer thighs which are used by the inexperienced for when they want to lose the fat that’s clinging to their thighs. Unfortunately, this machine is practically useless for losing that excess thigh fat because while this machine works to strengthen your thighs, it doesn’t do anything to your fat. You can have stronger and more stable muscles underneath the fat and still look the same. It’s more effective, if you want the fat gone, to take fat burning supplements like Hydrox Slim and doing lunges, step ups and jogging to better rid yourself of that excess thigh fat.

3. Pilates

The new kid on the block is Pilates which, experts say is great as a warm-up or cool down routine but almost useless for those who want to improve their flexibility and strength. Most of those who do Pilates are already flexible enough to keep up with the trainer and those that aren’t, won’t improve their flexibility, at least for most of you. This exercise is great for those who want a warm-up and cool down exercise or want an exercise that maintains your flexibility.

4. Leg Extensions/ Leg Press

One of the most useless exercise machines ever created is the leg extension or leg press. This is because when using this machine, your hamstrings are not being activated, causing significant compressive and shear force to be applied to your knees. A more effective way to train your legs is by performing squats and lunges. These effective free weight exercises help utilize your whole muscle mass around the joints.

5. Russian Twists

When trying to train the spinal muscles, you have to remember to evenly train both sides while reducing the amount of wear and tear that your spine experiences. Russian twist is a popular exercise that is aimed at these muscles but can often be very intense and cause severe wear and tear on the spine. Fortunately there are alternative training exercises that can provide similar benefits without the drawbacks. There are also effective supplements that work to improve your ability to cope with fatigue and improve muscle building like Cut and Ripped Plus.

6. Plate-Loaded Machines

Plate-loaded machines are said to only provide you with 1/3 of training as compared to free weight training. This is because when you use a plate loaded machine, you are only moving in one direction with the other two being restricted by the machine. On the other hand, using free weight forces you to deal with the forces in all three axes, giving you greater workouts. And to get the most out of these workouts, try Dekka Legal Mass Builder to boost muscle gain within days.


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